We Stand for Self-Love

We understand the power and magic that is created by loving and caring for yourself from the inside out. All of our products are holistically formulated with Earth grown herbs to aid in mental, physical and spiritual health; helping you on your journey to wholeness.

Efficacy & Accessibility

We only introduce products that we use. All products are tested on family, friends and the Delush community to ensure efficacy and satisfaction. Once we decide to bring a product to market, we work closely with our suppliers to offer all customers access at a fair market price.

High Vibing Intentions

Our intention is to share love & healing through our products and platform. Everything we do from formulation to marketing is thoughtfully curated to do just that. You'll find that we often support community events that are in alignment with our vibe and lifestyle.

Community Driven

Without our community, we wouldn't have the honour of being able to do what we do. We return the love through local sponsorships, charitable donations and partnerships with local companies and organizations. Our newest products are usually created by gathering feedback from the community. This is their company, we're just driving the boat.

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